Medical services

Our company handles every little issue related to the selection of the clinic, flight and accommodation, and offers the service of escorting the patient throughout the entire period of treatment or checkup.

Services we provide:

  • Individual interview to establish the type of medical service your need;
  • Selection of the specialized treatment facility appropriate for your diagnosis and personal preference;
  • Translation of medical records into German;
  • Preliminary negotiations with the suggested and approved clinic;
  • Primary diagnostic and treatment plan including names of hospitals, doctors and costs;
  • Helping you determine optimal methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, collecting patient’s records, translating all documents into German and handing them over to the selected clinic;
  • Helping you to pay for the treatment program correctly;
  • Drawing up service program;
  • Drawing up invitation and visa support;
  • Confirming admission date and duration of stay, as well as hospital ward reservation;
  • Translation services provided by a highly qualified translator during the entire stay in the clinic;
  • Hotel reservation and transfer arrangement;
  • Airport pickup/transfer;
  • Arranging shopping and entertainment;
  • Acquisition of medicaments required to continue treatment at home.

Medical services


Malignant tumors are a focus of attention at Swiss clinics. They practice targeted use of such well-known and common method as chemotherapy by means of cutting-edge technologies, which does not affect nearby tissue and organs.

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV) that primarily affects the liver. HCV is spread through contact with infected blood.


Check-up is a variety of medical examinations for patients that have no complaints about their health. Check-up will help you reveal a disease in its early stages and eliminate risk factors that could cause a disease in the future.

Rejuvenation programs

Age-related changes that everyone’s body goes through inevitably lead to external transformations: skin loses vibrancy and smoothness, dries and develops wrinkles.

Treatment of other diseases

Please send us as much detailed information on your medical case as possible. Your applications are processed by professional doctors with practical experience in Swiss clinics.