The organization of treatment

Distinctive characteristics of Swiss medicine

  • Excellence of medical research, cutting-edge technologies and innovations;
  • High concentration of largest pharmacological companies and medical equipment manufacturers.

Treatment in Switzerland is more affordable than you think

  • In many cases, costs are comparable to costs of treatment in Turkey, Germany or Israel.
  • Distinctly superb quality.
  • Our translation and escort services eliminate the problem of language barrier and you will not feel foreign.
Types of medical tourism:
  • Diagnostic check-up (comprehensive diagnosis or obtaining a more precise diagnosis);
  • Wellness and rejuvenation procedures (improvement of your appearance);
  • Treatment (specific kinds of treatment).
Switzerland’s areas of excellence:
  • Comprehensive treatment of cancer,
  • Comprehensive treatment of hepatitis C,
  • Selective orthopedic surgery (arthroscopy, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, replacement arthroplasty of the knee, hip and other joints);
  • Neurosurgery (vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, discography, laser spine surgery, intervertebral implant, spine surgery with little blood loss, radiofrequency denervation, endoscopic spine surgery),
  • Cardiac surgery,
  • Ophthalmology (laser vision correction, surgical treatment of glaucoma, crossed eyes, cataract).

Our services

The company handles all issues related to the selection of the clinic, flight and accommodation, and offers the service of escorting the patient throughout the entire period of treatment or checkup.

Services we provide:
  • Individual interview to establish the type of medical service your need;
  • Selection of the specialized treatment facility appropriate for your diagnosis and personal preference;
  • Translation of medical records into German;
  • Preliminary negotiations with the suggested and approved clinic;
  • Primary diagnostic and treatment plan including names of hospitals, doctors and costs;
  • Helping you determine optimal methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, collecting patient’s records, translating all documents into German and handing them over to the selected clinic;
  • Helping you to pay for the treatment program correctly;
  • Drawing up service program;
  • Drawing up invitation and visa support;
  • Confirming admission date and duration of stay, as well as hospital ward reservation;
  • Translation services provided by a highly qualified translator during the entire stay in the clinic;
  • Hotel reservation and transfer arrangement;
  • Airport pickup/transfer;
  • Arranging shopping and entertainment;
  • Acquisition of medicaments required to continue treatment at home;


After the flight, patient is accommodated at a hotel located as close (within patient’s budget) by the clinic as possible and usually hospitalized on the following day. Throughout your stay in Switzerland, you will be accompanied by a translator who will assist you in every possible way at medical and other facilities, take care of all mundane issues, such as meals, entertainment, shopping. On days free from treatment, we can arrange one-day individual trips in the company of a personal tour guide.


The cost of treatment depends on its specifics. Every patient requires individual approach to the choice of treatment and surgery, even with the same diagnosis, because it determines the nature of diagnosis, surgery type and duration of treatment. This is why to choose a clinic for you and to determine the cost of treatment, we need as much detailed information on your clinical condition (comprehensive medical records and description of the treatment you have received) as possible. The issue of payment is handled individually, depending on the concrete case, patient’s desires and in accordance with the practice accepted at the clinic. After we have received the required medical documents from you, after your consultation with the specialized clinic where you will be treated, we tell you the total cost of the medical program. Besides, you should keep in mind that when treating foreign citizens, clinic demand full advance payment, that is before hospitalization and before the start of medical procedures. Full advance payment is also a necessary requirement of the Swiss embassy when applying for a medical treatment visa. The paid amount is transferred to the bank account of the selected clinic, and the payment is fulfilled in compliance with the agreement regulating the relationship (including billing and costing) between the clinic and the patient. After the treatment is complete, the clinic balances your advance payment and the cost of the services you have actually received, either refunding you the difference or charging you for the extra costs. According to your agreement with our company, you pay us for your visa, travel expenses, written translation of your documents and the services we provide outside the clinic (hotel, meals, insurance, taxi, guided tour, etc.). You pay for translator’s services separately, only on site, in Switzerland.

The costs of our services fall into 3 categories:
  • You need only a consultation or outpatient treatment in Switzerland.
  • You need a consultation in a Swiss clinic, outpatient treatment or not too complex in-treatment.
  • You need serious special treatment in appropriate Swiss clinics, requiring lengthy consultations with professors and treatment expenses agreements.

Regardless of the category, our company assists you in arranging consultations, treatment, getting your visa, handles all logistical issues, arranges transfer and picks a translator (whose services are covered separately).

To make sure that you receive quality service, we commit to dealing with all your paperwork-related issues.


Please send us as much detailed information on your medical case as possible. Your applications are processed by professional doctors with practical experience in Swiss clinics (MDs, so-called Facharzts (specialists in different branches of medicine) and other specialists having actual treatment practice in Switzerland).

After receiving your application, our specialists select the Swiss clinic that will handle it and forward it directly to Swiss professors. At the same time, one of our employees maintains contact with you, giving you the required initial information. We translate your documents into German and send a request to the clinic. If the clinic’s offer meets your desires and demands, we arrange your treatment (all formalities with the clinic, invitation for a Swiss visa, airport transfer, translation and escort in the clinic).

What you need to do:- Call or write to us with the initial information on your disease and expected medical services.
  • Call or write to us with the initial information on your disease and expected medical services.
  • Fill out the treatment application form. After that, our coordinator will contact you and specify further actions.
  • Send your application and all available documents to our e-mail address.
Important! Please send us as much detailed information on your medical case as possible.
  • For a prophylactic check-up, we need only the information on your symptoms, brief case record and your diagnosis-related preferences.
  • For an already diagnosed disease, we will need the following information: discharge summary of your case history, treatment results, tests, CAT scan or X-ray scan.
  • We also ask you to give us general information on your medical history, received therapy or suggested follow-up therapy or surgery.

Please send scanned copies of all documents to our e-mail address.

After we have thoroughly studied our documents, we will send you the treatment program and preliminary costs calculation. Once you have approved the medical program, you will get the agreement and the settlement account, unless a different kind of contract and calculation options are provided by your clinic.

You will receive the invitation for examination and treatment after the invoice is paid in full.

You get your visa and tell us the date and location of your arrival in Switzerland.

Our employees will pick you up at the airport and accompany you throughout your entire stay in the country.

You have a unique opportunity to get your treatment in Switzerland, a country with highly developed medicine, to receive a precise diagnosis and a chance of recovery!

How you can finance your treatment abroad:

  • Your own savings,
  • Credit cards,
  • Bank loans, special bank programs,
  • Financing from the state budget,
  • Charitable foundations,
  • Financial support from family and friends,
  • Independent fundraising via the Internet and social networks,
  • Selling personal assets — wealth is nothing without health!

In a word, be persistent in seeking financial resources, use all available and possible means!