Medical tourism

Every year, more than ten thousand Azerbaijani citizens travel abroad to get quality examination, treatment and rehabilitation. The motto of the 21st century medicine is “Patients without borders!”

Switzerland has vast medical opportunities and offers a wide choice of various medical technologies and services. The priority of the Swiss healthcare system is the use of advanced medical equipment, as well as tailoring and development of such equipment. According to the World Health Organization, s of today, Swiss medicine is the most advanced and effective. Getting treatment in this country means using the assistance of highly-skilled doctors, cutting-edge medical supplies and devices. Public and private clinics of Switzerland offer their patients top quality services and latest generation equipment. The first principle of practicing Swiss doctors is constant attention to patients and individual treatment. Every patient of Swiss clinics gets comprehensive diagnostics and therapy put together by a council of physicians. Swiss medicine provides both maximal effective treatment and high comfort level. Both public and private hospitals do their best to meet their patients’ every demand, make them feel safe and cared for, take into account patients’ habits, desires and way of life. Swiss clinics are medical facilities with top quality services, state-of-the-art medical equipment and highly-experienced doctors.

Public and private clinics of Switzerland employ highly-skilled professionals that receive patients from all around the world. All hospitals in the country fall into two categories: about 60% are state-owned clinics and 40% are private clinics. Doctors of private clinics are certified by not only their affiliated hospitals but also other medical facilities, and have private practice. Every doctor in Switzerland works under constant supervision of the Swiss Medical Association and must validate his or her proficiency annually. This arrangement guarantees high professional qualification of every practicing physician in Switzerland.